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12 Unique Freelance Skills Your Clients Will Love in 2020!

Want business firms to want you back? Mainstream freelancers, like you and I, have mostly mastered freelance skills in either content writing or graphic designing.

But I’m talking about something different. I mean, unique freelance skills that are in demand in 2020.

Ranging from freelance photography to financial consultancy, these 12 freelance skills are all off the beaten path. But these will do the trick for sure!

I’ve also mentioned some online sources from where you can learn how to develop these skills. Here, take a look!

Top 12 freelance skills that’ll wow your clients

1. Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology used to be just about cryptocurrency, but not anymore.

This path-breaking technology holds endless promises for the future of our world, and no wonder!

Experts in this field have already started expanding this technology to other industries, like logistics, healthcare, travel, and law. IBM, Google, and other giants in the tech industry are looking for ways to use blockchain in cybersecurity and in the financial sector, too.

So, if you can understand and acquire expertise in this tech, along with using your traditional skills, you’ll be the most demanded freelancer ever!

Venture into this exciting field with the help of these online courses:-

1. IBM Cognitive Blockchain Essentials v2

2. Coursera: Blockchain Basics

2. Financial consultancy

If you’ve got a degree in Finance, Statistics, Business Management, or other similar fields, you can understand why developing your freelance skills as a financial advisor is one of the best things you can do.

For one thing, you can cut down substantially on your commuting costs, and for another, your overhead expenses get reduced.

Apart from that, whenever there’s an economic crisis, or a business firm has a poor performance to show, it reaches out to financial consultants first.

A client may need its financial advisor to audit and analyze data from a financial perspective. You may also have to suggest some ways of reducing your client’s costs and improving his or her profitability.

financial consultant freelance skills in demand

If you can turn the losses on your client’s balance sheet to profits, you’ll be bringing in your own profits in no time!

Intrigued yet? You can take additional courses in investment strategy, insurance planning, income tax, risk management, etc. from these online sources:-

1. Institute of Financial Consultants: Certified Financial Consultant Program

2. Coursera: Financial Markets

3. Web design

Now that the digital world is growing bigger and bigger day by day, more and more firms need websites.

Not just any website, they need really good-looking ones, which can attract their target audience enough for them to be able to sell their products.

This means that there’s a huge demand for freelance web designers and developers. From startups and NGOs to huge established companies, everyone needs a great website to mark out their digital presence.

A good freelance web designer should be able to ensure that website users have a smooth online experience.

For that, you need technical expertise, of course, but that’s not all! You have to develop a good taste in aesthetics, too. How a website is going to be laid out, and how it’s going to look, will depend entirely on you.

Google Web Designer is a great tool to start with, if you’re a freelancer who’s just a beginner in this field.

google web designer for freelancers

With its helpful support system and a community forum, you’re not going to have much of a problem learning how to use it. You can even use it to create animations for your website.

And if you already know the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver really well, then kudos!

Here are a few online web design courses you can check out:-

1. LinkedIn Learning: Introduction to Web Design and Development

2. edX: CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript

3. Coursera: Responsive Website Development and Design Specialization

4. Accounting

Accounting and bookkeeping are quite hectic tasks for many companies. So hectic, in fact, that they are eager to hand over such work to people who are qualified enough for the job.

If you want to venture into this field of freelance accounting and bookkeeping, you need to know the different accounting principles thoroughly.

And knowledge of the accounting software that you should use would be a bonus! Just let startups and small business firms know that you’re well aware of tax laws and deductions_ there’s no way they’re not going to love you!

But if you don’t have the required qualifications, you can still learn accounting from these sources:-

1. Udemy: Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling and Valuation

2. edX: Accounting for Decision-Making

5. Social media marketing

Today, social media plays one of the most vital roles in rocketing a company’s business growth.

If a firm doesn’t have its own social media handles, even a single one, then it’s losing out on a lot of opportunities, big time.

freelance skill social media marketing

That’s why you’ll see a lot of companies looking for freelance social media marketers who can take their business to the next level.

Some of the platforms where you can learn social media marketing skills are:-

1. Coursera: Social Media Marketing Specialization

2. Udemy: Social Media Marketing – Complete Certificate Course

3. edX: Strategic Social Media Marketing

4. Udemy: Social Media Marketing MASTERY

5. HubSpot Academy: Social Media

6. Customer support

Communication skills? Check.

Negotiation skills? Check.

The ability to keep yourself steady when situations get emotionally charged up? Check.

If this is you, you have all the skills you need to be an excellent customer service representative. You just have to interact with customers online or over the phone.

If this isn’t you, though, but you still want to be one, then you can easily learn these soft skills online:-

1. LinkedIn Learning: Customer Service Foundations

2. Alison: Customer Service Training

3. Coursera: IBM Customer Engagement Specialist Professional Certificate

7. Photography

The art of photography is one of the most desirable freelance skills right now.

But how does freelance photography work?

Well, basically, you take and provide the required photos to your clients, on the basis of a contract.

Many professional freelance photographers also have their own portfolio websites as well as social media accounts, so that potential clients can check out their amazing works of art.

freelance skill photography

You can select a particular niche to specialize in, like wedding photography, corporate photography, family photography, or even just become a freelance wildlife photographer. (I’ve always wanted to be a travel photographer, but, well… dreams (sigh).)

If you want to make more money in this field, you can also sell your photographs online. Sites like Shutterstock, Etsy, and Adobe Stock pay well if you’ve got good stock photos to offer.

For freshers who want to learn more about evolving their freelance skills as photographers, here are some online classes:-

1. Creative Live: The Art of Photographing Birds

2. The School of Photography: Long Exposure Photography Course

3. New York Institute of Photography: Fundamentals of Digital Photography

4. Udemy: Photography Composition and Portrait Photography Masterclass

8. MS Excel

Love organizing, re-organizing, and analyzing data? Well, then, you might consider becoming a freelance data analyst for a firm. Microsoft Excel, at your service!

No, I don’t mean just the simple formulae that beginner students learn at school. I’m talking about using VLOOKUPS, creating pivot tables, and manipulating data in ways that are known only to professionals.

If you’re a freelance SEO content writer who knows how to use Google Analytics, you’ll know why data is so important for any business.

For those of you freelancers who have no clue what I’m trying to get at here, just know this_ when you have massive amounts of data from your business, you can glean a lot of valuable insights as to how your business is doing and where it can go from here.

This is why many companies hire freelancers with good analytical skills and knowledge of advanced MS Excel to solve complex problems and queries that their clients might have.

1. Internshala Trainings: Advanced Excel Training

2. Coursera: Excel Skills for Business Specialization

9. Software development

This is one job for which there’s a never-ending demand from online businesses. You may need to develop the front-end or the back-end, API or security software.

Some companies may also require your freelance skills as an embedded systems developer.

And if you’re well-acquainted with cloud computing and cloud management software like Microsoft Azure, so much the better!

These online courses are for beginners as well as professionals:-

1. Coursera: Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals

2. Simplilearn: Node.js Certification Training

3. LinkedIn Learning: Advanced Python

10. Logo design

Whether a business is expanding its digital footprint or not, it’s always in need of the one thing that lets people identify it_ its logo.

Believe it or not, a company’s logo is one of the most important brand essentials ever.

So if you want to evolve your freelance skills as a logo designer, the sooner, the better!

freelance skills as logo designer

Sometimes, a business firm needs a different logo for each of its products or franchises.

You should know which tools will help you design the best custom logos, so that your clients find your logos to be perfect fits for their brands.

Professional logo designers use Adobe Illustrator to create awesome vector logos. If you don’t know how to use it, you can learn from these online courses:-

1. Logo Design Mastery in Adobe Illustrator

2. Logo Design Techniques

3. Skillshare: Create Brand Marks with Typography

11. Online tutoring

With e-learning on the rise, becoming a freelance online tutor is one of the best options you can opt for.

All you need is a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, a laptop or a PC, a Skype account, and a headset with a mic. (Whether you’ll actually need the last two or not depends on the needs of your clients).

And a good grasp over the subject that you’re going to teach, of course.

You may be required to tutor students from a particular country or multiples ones.

But in order to succeed in this field, you should not only have the ability to teach your students well, but you should also develop good time management skills.

For example, you might have to provide high-quality solutions to your students’ problems within the specified deadlines.

Here are a few online courses and certifications for developing your freelance skills as a tutor:-

1. Cambridge International: Online Introductory Training for Teachers

2. Instructional Planning for Successful Teaching

3. Tutor Matching Service: Tutor Essentials

12. Video creation

Creating and editing videos is a skill that’s in great demand now, and will continue to be, in the years to come. This is because more people watch videos than read articles.

freelance skills videography

Don’t believe me?

Think about yourself_ do you read more blogs, articles, or books than you watch videos on YouTube?

I guessed not. (smirk)

Businesses are expanding their brand recognition by uploading videos on social media.

For example, Gary Vaynerchuk, the world-famous entrepreneur, has his own team of people who shoot and edit short videos and clips of Gary himself. Then, they upload these videos on all of Gary’s social handles.

They don’t upload just a couple of these per day, though, but a whole lot more!

Check out these platforms from which you can hone your video creation skills:-

1. LinkedIn Learning: Video Script Writing

2. Learning Video Production and Editing

3. Skillshare: How to VLOG – Complete Beginners’ Guide

4. Premiere Pro 2020 Essential Training

Wrapping up

These 12 non-mainstream freelance skills are some of the most demanded ones in 2020.

But as more and more advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence keep getting popular, even more freelance skills will emerge in the future.

So, you need to keep updating yourself as to which freelance skills are in demand at that particular point of time. That’s going to get you more well-paying clients!

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