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9 Top Cloud Storage Solutions All Freelancers Need

Nowadays, most companies are moving to cloud storage to charge up their businesses. But did you know that there are awesome cloud storage solutions for freelancers as well?

There’s a hype around cloud storage because you can store important files and data in the cloud.

But it’s not just about that_ cloud storage services let you remotely access your data anytime.

And in the present scenario where the whole world has to work from home due to COVID-19, you can understand how important this kind of data accessibility is.

With so many cloud storage options, running your freelancing business has never been easier! Check out all these cool solutions:-

9 best cloud storage solutions for freelancers

1. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s option to provide cloud storage solutions for freelancers.

onedrive offers cloud storage solutions for freelancers

With a number of app integrations and collaboration tools, its advanced searching features and file-sharing options make OneDrive a reliable cloud storage provider.


A huge reason why I’ve kept Microsoft OneDrive at no. 1 on this list of cloud storage solutions for freelancers is that it lets you access your files not only online, but in an offline mode, too!

As it’s got a straightforward user interface, you can easily gain access to your files from any device.

Plus, as soon as you sign up for this cloud storage provider under Microsoft 365 Personal, you’ll get all the latest Office apps!


For sharing your files and folders with others, all you need to do is send your friends the link to those files and folders via email, Facebook, iMessage, or text.

With some of the best collaboration tools along with block-level sync features, OneDrive takes security measures like providing SSL encryption.


Though there’s SSL encryption, OneDrive doesn’t provide no-knowledge encryption for your data.

For free, it offers only 5GB storage_ which, as you’ll see further below, is nothing when compared to the Free Plan under Google Drive.


Android, Windows, and iOS.


On OneDrive, freelancers will get 4 paid plans, out of which 2 are Business Plans that come with lots of features.

You can get 100 GB storage in OneDrive for $1.99 per month.

Under the Microsoft 365 Personal plan, you’ll have to make an annual payment of $69.99, or $6.99 per month.

In return, you’re going to get 1 TB storage in OneDrive, as well as 4 Office apps_ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Access to Skype services will also be provided.

onedrive pricing

If you sign up for Business Plan 1, you can get total storage of 1 TB per user for $5 per user per month (billed annually), while under Business Plan 2, you’ll pay $10 per user per month (billed annually) for unlimited cloud storage.

Signing up for these 2 Business Plans won’t give you access to any Office app, though.


One of the best free cloud storage solutions for freelancers, if not the best, MEGA maintains a certain degree of transparency in its data privacy policy. It lets you avail of its selective sync and automatic camera upload features.


The MEGA dashboard has easy navigational features that make it too simple for freelancers to use it.

mega cloud storage dashboard

That being said, it lets you transfer your files and folders in double-quick time.

Its multimedia streaming option being available for videos, MEGA offers quick support via email.


The moment I signed up for the Free plan under MEGA, I caught some words in bold that made my jaw drop_ “50 GB FREE storage“. A whopping 50 GB storage capacity, all for free!

That’s a whole lot more than what any of the other cloud storage solutions for freelancers provide, under their respective free plans.

But there’s a disclaimer_ the maintenance of this free storage depends on your participation in MEGA’s Achievements Program.

For example, I got a bonus of 35 GB storage space when I registered on MEGA for free.

Other achievements include installing the MEGA mobile app and inviting your friends to use MEGA.

mega achievements

Plus, all your data will be end-to-end encrypted, even your chats. It also enables you to have audio and video calls with end-to-end encryption, so you can understand how secure it is.


MEGA doesn’t provide for any block-level sync.

It also comes with fewer collaboration tools than some of the other cloud storage solutions for freelancers, like iCloud.


Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Linux.

You can also get the MEGA browser extension for Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.


For freelancers, MEGA’s Free plan is more than enough.

But you’ll need even more storage further along your freelancing career, so MEGA offers a couple of plans that’ll work just fine_ Pro Lite and Pro I.

mega paid plans cloud storage solutions for freelancers

Under Pro Lite, you’ll get 400 GB storage and a file transfer limit up to 1 TB, in return for only 4.99 euros (or INR 409.32) per month.

Pro I, on the other hand, offers 2 TB storage and a file transfer limit up to 2 TB. For that, you have to pay 9.99 euros (or INR 819.46) per month.

3. Box

Many freelancers work together on projects. Or there might be a group of freelancers who are led by another freelancer.

For these types of teams, Box provides great cloud storage solutions, which allow them to share and collaborate on their files.


It doesn’t matter what the type of your file is, Box lets you store any file type.

Even if the file size is large, you can share the file directly from Box Drive, or via email.

You can even use your desktop to work on your cloud files.


Box allows you to use no-knowledge encryption of your data as an add-on.

You can also work together with others online, share folders, and use Box Notes or Microsoft 365 to co-edit those.

box pros

With more than 1400 integrations like Asana and Slack, Box also provides unlimited storage if you subscribe to its paid versions.


On Box, you can upload files which have a maximum size of only 5GB.

It’s also a bit costlier than the other cloud storage solutions for freelancers that I’ve listed here.


You can use any device to gain access to Box. There’s another advantage for you!


For freelancers, Box provides 3 plans_ Individual, Personal Pro, and Starter.

The Individual plan is free, which provides 10 GB storage and a file upload limit of 250 MB.

If you want to upgrade to the Personal Pro plan, you’ll get 100 GB storage with a file upload limit up to 5 GB. All you need to do is pay INR 785 per month.

box pricing

The Starter plan is best for those who lead a whole team of 3-10 freelancers. It offers 100 GB storage and a single file upload limit of 2 GB, for an annual payment of INR 389.50 per user per month.

You can also choose to pay INR 410 per user per month, billed monthly.

4. pCloud

The best thing about pCloud is that it can keep all your data safe by providing SSL/ TLS encryption for your private files. You can store all your files here and access them across all devices.


Being quite easy to use, it offers several options for sharing your files. You can manage your files from mobile phones, the web, or desktop.


Support is available in multiple languages via email.

It lets you back up your photos from Picasa and social media like Instagram and Facebook.

You can also use its built-in audio and video player.


Under the Free Plan, you get a storage capacity of 10GB. pCloud also lets you upload files with an unlimited file size.

Plus, it saves your trash history for up to 30 days. The audio player on pCloud lets you organize your own playlists.


If you want to avail the no-knowledge encryption feature of pCloud, you have to subscribe to its paid version.


Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.


pCloud offers monthly, annual, and lifetime pricing plans.

If you go for the annual plan, you need to make an annual payment of $47.88 for 500 GB storage, and $95.88 for a storage capacity of 2 TB.

With the lifetime plan, you’ll get 500 GB storage for a one-time payment of $175, and 2 TB storage for $350.

5. Dropbox

Many freelancers I know already use Dropbox, so I’ve kept it on this list of cloud storage solutions for freelancers.

dropbox offers cloud storage solutions for freelancers

You can access it anytime, from anywhere, and sync it across all your devices, whether it’s your phone, computer, or tablet.


Whether it’s a Powerpoint file or a Photoshop one, you can share any file you want to, with Dropbox. Even the file size doesn’t matter.

From sound and videos to drafts, code, and images, Dropbox lets you create and share anything with anyone.

You can also ensure that access to the shared data is properly secured.


You can manage all your teamwork and other tasks in a simple way, with the help of Admin Controls available in Dropbox.

It also offers an intuitive interface that comes with a lot of integrations.


With the Free Plan provided by Dropbox, you can get a very limited storage capacity_ only up to 2 GB.

The other plans under Dropbox are a bit on the expensive side. Also, it doesn’t secure your privacy in an efficient way.


Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


Dropbox offers 2 paid plans for freelancers_ the Dropbox Plus and the Dropbox Professional.

dropbox pricing

Under the Dropbox Plus, you need to pay $9.99 per month (billed annually) or $11.99 per month (billed monthly) in return for 2 TB storage.

If you go for the Dropbox Professional plan, you have to make an annual payment of $16.58 per month, or a payment of $19.99 per month, billed monthly.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive is so popular because it provides the second-best free storage capacity, after MEGA.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this cloud storage option, you need a Google account to be able to access Google Drive.


You can store any file in Google Drive, be it a photo, a sound recording, or a video.

It also lets you use a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or any other device to upload your files.


Google Drive offers the easiest way of sharing files and folders with others.

In fact, you don’t even need an email attachment for collaborating on any file.

google drive

What’s more, the Free Plan comes with a storage capacity of 15GB_ that’s a lot more than any of the other cloud storage solutions for freelancers offer for free, except for MEGA!


The interface might be a bit confusing for first-time users, but it doesn’t take much time to get to know your way while using it.


Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS.


When you upgrade to the paid plans, you get access not only to Google Drive, but to an entire package, including Google Play credits, Google Docs, Gmail, genuine high-quality images on Google Photos, and Google Sheets.

The paid plans for this Google One package come with storage capacities ranging from 100 GB to 30 TB, but that’s for big businesses.

For freelancers like you and me, though, maximum storage of 2 TB is enough, don’t you think?

google drive pricing

As can be seen on this screenshot, you can buy 100 GB storage for INR 130 per month or INR 1,300 per year.

For 200 GB storage and 2 TB storage, you have to pay INR 210 per month or INR 2,100 per year, and INR 650 per month or INR 6,500 per year, respectively.

7. IDrive

IDrive is the best backup system provider out there, hands down. If you’ve stored your files in IDrive, you can access those from Mac or PCs, or even the mobile app.


IDrive offers you storage place plans ranging from 5 GB to 5 TB. You can upload files on IDrive up to a limit of 2 GB.

If you change a part of a file, IDrive recognizes the changed part automatically, and takes a real-time backup of the entire file.

idrive cloud storage

It continuously syncs all your files and folders across every device that you’ve linked to IDrive.


It lets you backup from unlimited Mac, PCs, Android, and iOS devices. In fact, you can back up not only the settings and the OS, but also the whole drive itself.

If you want some of your files to be deleted, you can do so manually_ IDrive won’t be deleting them automatically.

But do you know what the best part is? Even if you delete a file by mistake, IDrive will help you recover that deleted file within 30 days.

You can also organize your photos easily, due to IDrive’s facial recognition system. It comes with an option to share your files via Twitter, Facebook, or email.


For free, you get up to 5GB storage, or you can go for either IDrive Personal or IDrive Business (lets you link IDrive to unlimited users, servers, and computers).

8. Apple iCloud

On Apple iCloud, you can store anything, be it a document, a photo, or even a music file.

After storing these, you can download the files to the devices that are compatible with this cloud storage provider of Apple’s.


Once you sign up for this cloud storage provider, you’ll get access to many Apple apps like Safari, Mail, Contact, Calendar, and Reminders.

Even if you change a part of a file, or make the tiniest bit of change anywhere else, iCloud will detect that change in an instant.


Apple iCloud comes with really great collaboration tools.

For example, you can easily collaborate with Pages, Keynote, Notes, and Numbers.

apple icloud cloud storage solutions for freelancers


However, you can share presentations, to-do lists, and schedules only with those people who already have an Apple id.

Plus, you get only 5 GB free storage on iCloud.

icloud 5 GB

But when I signed up for its free storage plan, I got only 1 GB free storage_ which is really, really low.

apple icloud free storage


Windows, Mac OS, and iOS.


iCloud offers 3 really cheap monthly storage plans, each with total storage capacities of 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB.

For the 50GB and the 200GB monthly plans, you need to pay $0.99 (or INR 75) and $2.99 (or INR 219), respectively.

If you want to buy the 2TB monthly storage plan, you’ll have to make a monthly payment of $9.99 (or INR 749).

9. Sync

This cloud storage provider complies with several standards.

If you’re fine with making an annual payment and not having the option to subscribe to this service on a monthly basis, you’re going to like it.


With top-quality scalability, Sync is extremely easy to use, so freelancing freshers are going to like it. providing cloud storage solutions for freelancers

It doesn’t provide for multimedia streaming, but it does provide support during working hours.


Freelancers will be happy to know that Sync provides end-to-end encryption for all data.

You can access this cloud storage provider from most devices, and it also comes at a reasonable price.

What’s more, Sync allows you to share any type of file with anyone, even if that person doesn’t have a Sync account.

Integrations like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office are also available.


The only con is that Sync doesn’t let you subscribe to its cloud storage services for a month or so. You need to pay annually if you want to use it.


Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.


For freelancers and solopreneurs, offers 3 plans_ Pro Solo Basic, Pro Solo Standard, and Pro Solo Plus. pricing

Under Pro Solo Basic, you need to pay $8 per month, billed annually, for which you’ll get 2TB storage.

Pro Solo Standard gives you 3TB storage in return for $10 per month (billed annually), while you’ll get a storage capacity up to 4TB under Pro Solo Plus if you pay $15 per month, billed annually.

Wrapping it up

You can use this list of the top cloud storage solutions for freelancers to choose one for yourself.

Compare their free and paid storage plans, along with other terms and conditions, and then decide which one would work the best for your freelancing job.

What do you think is the best cloud storage option for freelancers? Do you know of any other cloud storage service that works well for freelancers? Do let me know, so that I can try that out, too!

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